Dermatology is the branch of medical science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, its appendages (hair, nails) and adjoining mucous membrane (mouth, genital).

Treatment of all Skin diseases

1-Treatment of Atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory diseases.

2-Pregnancy & Pediatric dermatitis.

3-Abscess treatment simple and complicated.


5-Fungal infection.

6-Bacterial infection.

7-Viral infection.

8-Vitiligo disease assessment and treatment.

9-Excessive sweating treatment.

10-Treatment of Varicose vein.

11-Allergic Contact Dermatitis (Allergy patch test-Blood allergy test- Treatment of allergy).

12-Surgical procedures (excision of cysts-assessing and removing moles-Malignant & pre malignant lesions excision-In-growing nails.).

13-Cryo-therapy and Electro-cautery treatments for:  (Warts- Pre-malignant lesion- solar spots- Keratosis- Skin tags).

14-Skin cancer screening and treatment.


    -Assessment and treatment of all fungal infections. 

   - Assessment and treatment of all nail problems..


    -Assessment and treatment of fungal infection. 

    -Looking after diabetic foot.

Acne and acne scar treatment

(Many of bacterial and viral infection can cause acne infection).

Assessment and treatment of different cases of acne and acne scar by advanced therapy, provides advanced method to treat the acne without any scar lesion and also advanced method to treat the acne scar by micro-medical skin-needling, different types of peeling or various types of laser treatment, that procedures stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier and younger-looking skin. The procedure is a natural skin regeneration and Scar Repair therapy treatment that can significantly improve the appearance of Facial and décolletage lines and wrinkles, aged and sun damaged skin, acne scars and rejuvenation of the skin.

Benefits of having Acne treatment and Acne Scars repair Therapy:

-It reduces the appearence of fine lines and wrinkles and tightens pores which become larger as we age.

-The treatment requires no down time.

-It naturally stimulates the skin to repair itself creating a thicker and healthier appearance.

-It improves the appearance of acne scarring and chicken pox scars. 





Hyper pigmentation treatment

Several factors contribute to dark areas and spots on the skin, known as hyper-pigmentation.The sun, acne, melasma, prescription medication and hormonal imbalances are all causes of hyper-pigmentation.These dark spots occur when your skin produces more melanin, which gives our skin its color.
There are a wide range of treatments for hyper-pigmentation.The success depends on the cause of the hyper-pigmentation. Strict sun protection and use of sunscreen are required in order to prevent worsening and recurrence of hyper-pigmentation before, during and after treatment, we recommend seeing a dermatologist to assess the extent of your hyper-pigmentation so he or she can customize an appropriate treatment plan which may include some of the following:

-Treatment of the underlying disorder such as hormonally balances or deficiencies which led to hair loss will improve the hair loss immediately.

-Topical medication there is different type of topical medication-fraxel laser-yellow laser-Meso whitening.

-Different type of peeling and resurfacing of the skin.

 EX; chemical peeling, yellow peeling, peeling mask, co2 peeling, laser treatment peeling.

AntiWrinkles and rejuvenation treatment

The most popular treatment for reversing the visible signs of aging and also the appearance of pale and dull skin.

It is a procedure that can erase years from the face or neck by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

There is many methods for rejuvenation:

1-Non injectable method by specific products.

2-Injectable method by Plasma treatment, Meso for rejuvenation, hyaluronic acid injection, deferent type of laser treatment, Botox injection.

Also according to the case, the doctor can select the best method of treatment

Benefits of having anti wrinkling Injections:

-Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles already formed, restoring a more youthful appearance.

-Not permanent and will naturally break down.

-Rejuvenation of the skin and give the skin healthy younger appearance.


Dark circle, antiwrinkles and buffness treatment

Dark circles under eyes affect both men and women. It is difficult to conceal with makeup, andoften make you appear tired, even when you’re fully rested. One of the main reasons for dark circles is poor blood circulation.  

Antiwrinkle treatment for reversing the visible signs of aging. It is a procedure that can erase years from by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The injections work by weakening certain muscles or by blocking certain nerves.

Our successful Therapy will dramatically improve the appearance of this area.

According the case we can select the treatment like topical treatment, laser treatment, peeling procedure, and injectable treatment.

Benefits of having Eye Treatment:

-Brightens and firms the eye contour area.

-Tightens loose skin.


Hair loss cases 

Diagnosis and treatment of hair loss:

Hair loss is usually diagnosed clinically based on the history, blood test and on the pattern of thehair thinning as well as usage of diagnostic tests.

1-Assessment of hair loss in males and females and providing proper means of management.

2-Vixen disease assessment and treatment of alopecia.

3-Alopecia male pattern and female pattern.

Hair loss treatment:

-Treatment of hair problem depends on proper diagnosis, the treatment selected according to diagnosis

-There is plasma injection treatment.

-Meso injection treatment

-Topical treatment.

-Systemic treatment.

Treatment of the underlying disorder such as hormonally balances or deficiencies which led to hair loss will improve the hair loss immediately.

In cases of inherited or androgenetic hair loss almost all treatments are capable of slowing down the hair loss. Stimulating hair regrowth and thickening shall be started in early stages.

Also within treatment of weight loss or after there is specific follow up to prevent hair loss or specific treatment for hair loss that be the result of surgical operations for weight loss or diet program.

Topical and orally treatment as well as Mesotherapy, Stem Cell therapy or Low-Level Light Therapy can be effective in many cases.

Reshaping of the face by filler injection or thread lifting for example 



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